ABoR: ACE Intro: Closing More Deals with Fewer Leads

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One of the biggest keys to being successful in sales in to know your product and what it can do for your customers. The next most important thing is to be able to explain that benefit in a compelling way to the customer it benefits. In this session, agents will learn what is good about real estate and how to discuss those benefits in a way that makes customers more motivated to buy. This will help to take their career to the next level by connecting with buyers and sellers in a way that they’ve likely never experienced, and that leaves little doubt in their customers mind that they really know their stuff! We will discuss appreciation vs. inflation, rates of return, is there a time when it’s better to rent than buy? We will look at a dollar and sense comparison of a rental vs a purchase of identical properties over a five-year period to the customer’s bottom line. As well as Agents will leave more knowledgeable and confident in what they sell. This will help them to explain the benefits to their customers and make those same customers more motivated to buy.


Sep 28 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Austin Board of REALTORS
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